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The main goal of the library is to get the students excited about reading! This is accomplished by introducing them to a variety of literature genres and by providing instruction and learning activities so that they are able to organize and access the information they need.

Currently, we have two Library campuses  - one each  in Primary and Infant buildings.

Infant Library

Open Sunday to Thursday

Every class, from Reception to Grade 2, comes to the Library once a week for a library lesson. 

Each session is divided into two parts:

  • Story time –to assist the children in improving their vocabulary and to facilitate an enjoyment of books
  • Borrowing – every child is allowed to choose their own book to take home. It is important that the children borrow frequently.

Primary Library

Open during first break and after school Sunday to Thursday

Every class on the Primary campus comes to the Library once per week for a lesson.

Each session is divided into two parts:

  • Library activities - such as finding various resources, using the Dewey Decimal System, book care and handling, as well as other information- related activities.
  • Borrowing - Year 3 – 1 book, Years 4 and 5 – 2 books, Year 6 – 3 books

Students from Infant and  Primary are allowed to choose books from the wide range available. 

Secondary Library

The Library has a growing collection of award-winning young adult books in English and Arabic books to support students’ studies and encourage recreational reading. Additionally, the library offers audiovisual materials including Playaways, DVDs, and Books on CD and subject specific podcasts through the school server. Students have access to the library catalog. Additionally, students have access to e-books and reading resources through the schools subscription to Big Universe.

Study desks are provided for group and individual work and there are 8 networked computers available. Students may make also make use of the wireless internet connection in the Library with their own laptops.

The library strives to provide students with access to a 21st century education that addresses multiple forms of literacy. Therefore, library activities encourage informed research, introduction to media, the responsible use of technology, and the inestimable value of critical thinking and literacy in a global context.

The library is staffed with two full-time professional librarians and services are available in English and Arabic for students and staff.

Library Access

Students are permitted to visit the library during scheduled class visits, segregated breaks and after school. The library is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday to Thursday.

Library Code of Conduct

  1. The Secondary School Library is intended to be a friendly, calm space for reading and independent study.
  2. Students must be quiet in the Library and respect an atmosphere that is conducive to reading.
  3. Students must be respectful towards staff and other students.
  4. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library.
  5. Books must be cared for appropriately and returned on time or they may be subject to a fine.
  6. Damaged or lost books must be paid for.

GES Library Catalog

The GES Library Catalog can be found here.