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Bus Service

Bus Service

GES provides a bus service in Doha.

Upon admission you will be requested to fill in the bus form (PDF 235KB) if you wish to apply for the bus service.

Buses run on the second day of school. It is parents' responsibility to bring their children to school on the first day of school.

It is also important that you talk to your child about our bus safety rules, to ensure that their ride to and from school is safe.

Bus Safety Rules

  1. To remain in his/her seat and not to go from one seat to another.
  2. Children should keep their seatbelt fastened.
  3. Not eat and drink on the bus.
  4. Not put their hands or heads out of the window.
  5. Not disturb the driver by making unnecessary noise.
  6. Parents make sure your child/children get to school on time, please ensure he/she is ready for the school bus and not late.
  7. If your child is more than three minutes late the bus driver does have instructions to leave and Parents will be responsible for taking the student to school.