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Existing students' re-enrolment is not automatic in GES.

Parents are expected to re-register their children in order to reserve their seats for the following year. If parents do not re-register their children by April 2024, the students will be considered leavers and their seats may be offered to students on our waiting list. Students who do not re-register on time will be considered as new students.

There are specific criteria and expectations for each year group, students are expected to reach these levels to be promoted to the following year.

The following factors are taken into consideration before re-enrollment:

  • Attendance/ punctuality (GES reserves the right to block students re-enrollment when attendance is below 90%).
  • Student progress (according to criteria below)
  • Student Behaviour


Re-Enrollment 2023 / 2024
Early Years and KS1 (Infants)
KS2 (Year 3-6)
KS3 (Year 7-9)