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The Gulf English School does not have a deadline for applications, as we are happy to process admissions interviews and tests as long as we have places available in our classes.

Admission to The Gulf English School is based upon entrance tests/interviews, previous school records, the student’s application. New students will be admitted according to Board policy.

  1. Age eligibility
  2. Entrance tests results 
  3. Parents interview
  4. Previous school records
  5. Completed reference form filled by previous school
  6. Others based on date of application

The first step toward being considered for enrolment at GES is to complete our online application form and upload all relevant documents.

If your application is short-listed, you will be notified of the entrance exam date, which take place throughout the year as places become available or during the Spring (March/April) of each academic year.

Entrance Exams/Interviews

  1. Copy of your online application confirmation
  2. Entrance exam fee of 550QR (non-refundable)

Physical Disability

The Gulf English School facilities cannot meet the needs of those who have serious physical disabilities.

Students with Special Needs

The Gulf English School believes that all students should be able to follow our mainstream program. 

Students demonstrating low achievement or extreme difficulty with mainstream work will be referred to the Student Support Team for evaluation. After an assessment has been completed the Student Support Team will make recommendations, in the best interest of the student, to the Head of School; who will consult with the parents concerning the recommendations of the Student Support Team. Academic probation procedures will also be followed.

Parents must provide all documentation concerning previous assessment, or any past history of learning difficulties, with their admissions application. Failure to disclose such information may result in a student being asked to withdraw from school. Should it be found that the Student Support Team recommends that a student be evaluated for either intelligence or learning difficulties, the parents are obliged to have the evaluation completed in a timely manner, and advice will be given on whom to contact for these evaluations. Financial responsibility for these tests will lie with the parents. Failure to do so could also result in the student being asked to withdraw from The Gulf English School.

Priority for admission into Pre-school

  • GES gives priority to students from The Gulf English Nursery into Pre-school.
  • Second priority into Pre-school is to students with siblings at GES.

Specific Entry Requirements

Early Years and KS1 (Infants)
KS2 (Juniors)
KS3 (Secondary)
Year 11 and Year 13