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Welcome to the GES activities programme. We believe that if you are to achieve a sense of balance, it involves activity inside and outside the classroom. As such, we strive for relative equality in priority between academics, sports, fine arts and 'responsible global citizens' programs.

While we believe that an active and involved student is a healthy student, it is important for you and your family to make informed decisions about the level of that involvement. Especially at the secondary school level, too little involvement can mean that you are not taking advantage of your school years, while too much involvement can impact on your academic success.

We offer a variety of programmes for students from Reception to Year 12. Our activities run over three terms. Some activities will run for all three terms, while activities such as sports and some arts will only last for one or two terms.

Fitness Highlights

Our Primary student activity programme involves different offerings each term, and students and parents have the opportunity to sign up for the various offerings before each term.

In the Secondary School we offer a range of activities especially on a Wednesday afternoon as part of the academic day. These include Scuba diving, Rugby, Knitting and Horse riding to name but a few. There are also daily after school sports and art sessions along with additional support in subject areas if needed. We have a thriving MUN club with one member acting as the Deputy Secretary General at the THIMUN Qatar conference. There are even Saturday sessions for our Senior students in some subject areas so there is no excuse for anyone not to be involved. This allows students to compete in local competitions and really allows them to be a well rounded applicant for further education.

More information on the activities offered will be available on the website at the beginning of each term and on GES portal.