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Student Council

Student Council

Representing students in GES, the Student Council communicates the needs and opinions of the student body to faculty and management.

Students are responsible for implementation of some school policies and administration of matters which affect them as Secondary School students in each of their years at The Gulf English School.

The Students Council in GES has been introduced to students as part of the PHSE curriculum, students are elected to represent each year group and sit on the Council's board and comprise the voting members of the Council.

The representatives are responsible for advising their form groups of matters discussed in every Student Council meeting; for determining the sense of the class on issues by conducting form meetings or by other means; and for reporting class opinions to the Student Council. The Student Council representatives are expected to attend meetings.

Any student can propose an agenda item for an upcoming council meeting by notifying the Student Council President or their form Student Council Representative.

Up to date, the Student Council in GES has not been formalized and the legalizations and By Laws of the Council are still under development, process and finalization.

We would be more than happy to receive your positive reaction to the new Student Council. These positive reactions help us to enhance GES life and to create new projects for all of the School community.

Always remember that the Student Council is responsible for providing leadership to the student body. Students will be in charge of creating activities to build school spirit and engaging in problem solving around pressing issues the student body deems important.

If you have any ideas or comments please contact us.