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Model United Nations is a fantastic student-run simulation of the United Nations for High School age students. Students take on the roles of ambassadors in the different UN committees and assemblies. Students are given questions of global importance to solve.

Students are charged with writing resolutions to deal with these problems. At conferences the students work together to merge their resolutions to create a well written and thought out solution that would satisfy as many people as possible. These resolutions are then debated, amended and voted on.

Students gain valuable experience through participation in MUN, experience that could not be garnered through any other organization. Students gain the confidence to speak in front of large groups, they argue, debate and justify their opinions. They are required to consider opinions different to their own as they are required to take on a country whose stance on a subject may be very different from their own.

At GES MUN has student leadership, elected by the student members. The students meet on a weekly basis to debate on previous resolutions from local conferences to practice their debating skills. Students are given different countries every week to associate themselves with and debate as ambassadors for. The student leadership team, in conjunction with the Director, run sessions training the students on the procedures, language and how to write resolutions.

These weekly meetings are in preparation for conferences that take place throughout the year where the students are given the opportunity to collaborate with students from around the world and debate topics of global importance. There are currently 2 major conferences here in Qatar and there are opportunities for the students to travel to conferences overseas.