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Local Trips

Local Trips

There are different types of local trips that take place during the academic year for all year groups.

Our local trips include:

  • Educational trips
  • Field trips
  • Reward trips
  • Sports trips

Throughout the year pupils have the opportunity to take part in physical education related excursions. These will include organized activities that support the work being done in school, e.g. visits to football clubs or fitness centers to study topics relevant to GCSE PE. There are also excursions that serve to inspire and enthuse our pupils about competitive sport, for example, visits to Aspire Dome to see national and international competitions in the full range of sports. There may be recreational excursions that help to foster a positive attitude towards active pastimes, some of which may be won as prizes through the reward and merit system. Such activities might include bowling or ice-skating for example.

Educational Trips

Each year group studies a variety of topics which can link to Geography, History, Science and other subjects. Whenever possible we organise a trip or a special day to support the students learning.

In Year 3 the students go to Jungle Zone at the Hyatt Plaza. This links to their Geography topic on Rainforests.

Year 4 students go to the ice rink at Villagio. This links with their topic on Antarctica and the subjects of Geography and Science. They also visit Sheikh Faisal's Museum as part of their Qatar History topic.

The Museum of Islamic Arts informs us of any exhibitions which they have specifically designed for students and we send appropriate classes. These are different each year. Last year, Year 5 went to the '1001 Arabic inventions' exhibition and Year 3 went to the 'Arabic Roots' exhibition.

Year 6 go to Café Ceramique at The Mall to express their artistic talents.

Reward Trips

In the Junior school, reward trips usually occur in Term 3 and students are taken to the cinema or to one of the play zones at a shopping mall. This is an opportunity for the teachers to congratulate the students on their hard work through the year.

Special Days

We host a variety of 'Special Days' in the Junior school because there is not always an appropriate venue which relates to the topic being studied.

The Junior school celebrates 'International Week' by inviting every student to dress up in clothes and bring food, which link to the country they have been studying. For 'Book Week' students are invited to dress up as their favourite book character.

Y3 also have a 'Roman Day' when students are invited to dress up like historical Romans and bring Roman style food.

Book Month Highlights

Field Trips

Y6 boys have the opportunity to attend the PGL trip in the UK. This trip helps to develop team work and confidence through a variety of activities. Some of the activities include; raft building, assault course and zip wire.