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International Trips

International Trips

There are several international trips offered by GES. International trips offer the students a way to expand their horizons and to experience things they may not get from in country experiences. These trips back up the lessons students learn in the classroom and allow them to apply that knowledge in a practical setting. It also allows them to experience working with students from different places and with different backgrounds.

Our International trips include:

  • Annual CAS trip organized through ROTA or World Challenge for students in Year 12. Hours on this trip are counted towards the community service hours.
  • English trip to London for Year 10 students: this trip is to allow our IGCSE students to experience some of the culture and visit some of the plays that they will study in English as part of their IGCSE literature
  • MUN conference for secondary students
  • PGL trip to the UK for Year 6 and Year 7 boys.