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Post 16

Post 16

The Sixth Form community is an integral part of the school and you will have many opportunities to play a full part in school life.

As an older member of our school community you have a lot to offer the younger members of the school - your experience, your abilities, the example you set, and your time. How you decide to get involved and to what extent will depend upon you, but simply by establishing a mature presence in the school you influence the attitudes and expectations of younger students.

There is a very distinctive ethos of respect for the maturity of Sixth Form students. We aim to respect the choice which has been made to continue studying and to forge a new relationship between students and teachers, based on partnerships in learning.

We give considerable responsibility to our students and, in return, expect of them an adult approach to their work and environment. There are also considerable opportunities for broadening your experience and developing important skills and qualities through the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities which you will find described in our handbooks.

Here are some important features of our Sixth Form provision:

  • Quality teaching and results.
  • Outstanding and personalised career guidance and support.
  • Excellent links with higher education establishments around the world. GES has an annual careers fair and college fair that gives students, employers and universities the opportunity to discuss and explore in greater detail a student’s future education pathways.

The Gulf English School gives you an opportunity to choose the course you want to study, whether as preparation for further education or to gain qualifications needed before you embark on the employment of your choice. It also gives you time to investigate more individual methods of study, both in school and out of school, as you will be studying fewer subjects Sixth Form. The Year 12 and IB handbooks are available in the downloads section of the website. Here you can view subject and course options.

Study at AS-Level and IBDP is demanding but also satisfying as it provides an opportunity to explore your own interests within subject areas as well as meeting the requirements of international, external examinations. There is a marked difference to studying at Sixth Form. It is expected that for each hour of instruction in class, you devote another hour out of class to reviewing the subject matter. You are required to show a mature attitude to your studies and the extra opportunities open to you. Getting involved will ensure that you leave the school with the skills required for higher education or employment.

The Sixth Form curriculum coordinators (AS or IBDP) will help guide you through your time with us. Their work is coordinated by the Deputy Head of Secondary in charge of 6th form. These coordinators, alongside the school counsellors, and with the involvement of the Sixth Form teaching staff, advise on the arrangement of work and the use of study time, but the motivation must come from the student.

Sixth Form students play an important part in the life of the school. They are required to adhere to the Sixth Form dress code and to respect the need for rules and responsibilities. Doing so will ensure that the Sixth Form community maintain the high status that it has, both within and outside of the school.

Prior to acceptance to Sixth Form education you will be interviewed by the Sixth Form Team to ensure that the course you choose to pursue is in your best interest

The Sixth Form community is about achieving – both in personal and social development in addition to academic success. Teaching is even more of a partnership between students and staff.

Attendance and punctuality are taken very seriously. Whilst you study within the Post-16 community, your teachers and the Sixth Form team will develop a more holistic picture of you. This picture is further developed by observing your progress, attitude and the relationships that you develop with staff and peers. We are often asked for references for onward study or employment and will be asked to comment on all of the above including attendance and punctuality. We therefore urge you to attend regularly and be on time for the school day and all lessons.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our Sixth Form learning community.