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Leaving GES

Leaving GES

Although we regret that you must withdraw your child(ren) from GES, we wish you and your child(ren) continued success in your future endeavours.

To withdraw from GES, parents must fill out a Student Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Registration office.

A downloadable PDF of the Student Withdrawal Form can be found below. Hard copies are also available in the Registration office. In addition, we kindly request that withdrawing parents fill out GES's Parent Exit Survey (PDF 164KB). The survey can also be found below and is available in the office.

Please note that final school reports will be released to parents or the child's next school only after the withdrawal form is received, all outstanding bills are paid and all school materials have been returned. Thank you for letting our administrative staff know about your plans to withdraw at your earliest convenience. This will help us provide you with a smooth departure from GES.

Please note: to reconcile any financial situation, please contact our Accounts Office directly at +974 44578777 Ext. 714 or Ext. 702

We sincerely hope that your time at The Gulf English School has been fulfilling both academically and socially and wish you and your family all the very best.