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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Gulf English School Whole School Development Plan 2015-2018 was crafted during the 2013-2014 School Year using input from GES community and based on the previous whole school development plan 2008-2011.

The plan objectives, project goals and continuous improvement goals will direct the school's growth, development and improvement as we seek to maximize the delivery of our mission and live our vision as a school and wider community. The overarching themes of the plan will in turn be used to guide our yearly improvement plans as we seek to move from strategic thinking to actual implementation.

The whole school development plan is a guide to the board, leadership and staff as they work and strive to raise the standards of learning and teaching throughout the school community.

Recommendations from the following reports have been incorporated in the whole school development plan:

  • CIS preliminary visit report
  • CIS survey results
  • CIS committees recommendations (on going updates to the plan)

The whole school development plan is reviewed and debated by the Board of Trustees and Leadership Team twice a year.


Each section of the school creates a yearly improvement plan based on the whole school development plan and the main three objectives of the year. The improvement plans are presented to the Board in March so that the necessary budgetary, staffing and curriculum plans can be prepared for the following academic year.


  1. Philosophy, ethos, mission and goals
  2. Curriculum, teaching and learning
  3. Governance, management and school organisation
  4. Human Resources
  5. Physical and financial resources
  6. Student support
  7. Community
  8. Marketing, Publicity and Publications
  9. Accreditation and membership


Philosophy, ethos, mission and goals

to create a clear identity for the School and a Mission which will be owned by the school community and which will excite successful school development and growth.

Curriculum, learning and teaching

to ensure that the learning and progress achieved by all students is secure, facilitated both by teaching of a consistently high standard throughout the school and an appropriate curriculum for all.

Governance, Leadership and School organization

to create an effective, open and ethical leadership and management at all levels throughout the school which supports the learning and teaching and unites the school community in a powerful collaboration.

Human Resources

to ensure that the HR policies and procedures are comprehensive, clear and helpful to all the employees at the GES and that they are consistent with Qatari employment legislation and the Supreme Education Council regulations.

Physical and financial resources

to ensure that the physical and financial resources are developed, maintained and used in an open and effective manner to support learning and teaching.

Student support

to ensure that students are encouraged and helped to learn effectively and to realize their full potential as learners and young people.

Community involvement

to ensure that we create a school community which is representative of the diverse cultural and national backgrounds of our pupils, parents and staff
to ensure the school community is fully involved in and supportive of the life and progress of the school
to create opportunities for wider community learning and local community activities based at the school
to develop the school's understanding of its responsibilities to and involvement with the local and international community.

Marketing, publicity and publications

To raise the profile of the GES locally and internationally and to ensure that our 'outreach' is positive, lively, accurate and of good quality in order to secure positive student and staff recruitment and retention.