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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Gulf English School Whole School Strategic Plan was crafted during the previous School Year using input from the GES community and based on the previous whole school development plan.

The plan objectives, project goals and continuous improvement goals will direct the school's growth, development and improvement as we seek to maximize the delivery of our mission and live our vision as a school and wider community. The overarching themes of the plan will, in turn, be used to guide our yearly improvement plans as we seek to move from strategic thinking to actual implementation.

The whole school strategic plan is a guide to the board, leadership and staff as they work and strive to raise the standards of learning and teaching throughout the school community.

Recommendations from the following reports have been incorporated in the whole school development plan:

  • CIS preliminary visit report
  • CIS survey results
  • CIS committees recommendations (ongoing updates to the plan)

The whole school strategic plan is reviewed and debated by the Board of Trustees and Leadership Team twice a year.


Each section of the school creates a yearly improvement plan based on the whole school strategic plan and the main objectives of the year. The improvement plans are presented to the Board in March so that the necessary budgetary, staffing and curriculum plans can be prepared for the following academic year.


  1. Academic Success
  2. Pupil Development
  3. School Community and Wellbeing 
  4. Staff Development 
  5. Integration of Technology 
  6. Expansion and Growth


  • Deliver monitor and evaluate teaching & learning (T&L) across the school.
  • Promote transdisciplinary skills and a coaching and mentoring model (staffing and students).
  • Engage and empower all stakeholders to effectively use technology to enhance the learning experience. 
  • Provide a safe environment that caters for the well-being of all students.
  • Enhance the evaluation and professional development processes for faculty, staff and board members to reflect the ever changing environment. 
  • Actively promote the new vision, mission and values to drive school improvement.
  • Continually strive to improve the safety, functionality and security of the campus.
  • Build the school community through involvement in both internal and external opportunities.