Gulf English School (GES) recently organised 'Week Without Walls' that took learning beyond the classroom and expanded learners’ understanding of the curriculum and its possible applications. Besides contributing to their individual development, these trips created learning experiences that encouraged each student to realise their potential.

The 'Week Without Walls' event witnessed participation from over 1500 students who enjoyed a total of 15 field trips. The activities ranged from site seeing to a series of fitness & team-bonding activities, visits to the zoo as well as dairy farm, beside beach cleaning services. These activities were designed specifically for different year groups to develop individual skills and teamwork. Preschool students at GES were engaged in Build A Bear mascot followed by a teddy bear picnic.

Furthermore, as part of Qatar's drive for self-sustainability, GES organised exclusive visits to Baladna Dairy farm where students viewed how milk was extracted from cows. They were also engaged in the onsite zoo and activities at the dairy park.

Another first during the week was a visit to the newly opened MiniPolis on the Pearl. Students also engaged themselves in competitive tasks at MegaPolis that was aimed at developing goal setting and the drive to win.

Apart from teamwork and individual challenges., a series of fitness activities were organised. Students also visited Simaisma beach and studied the environmental impact of plastic. They also took part in Pizza Express by making their own pizza with fresh ingredients.

The Week Without Walls is an opportunity for students build self-confidence both in themselves and in their interpersonal relationships with peers. It is a critical step in their path to becoming global citizens,said Mrs. Kerry Hillan Deputy Head of Juniors.

As part of the school’s mission and vision in promoting internationalism, the Week Without Walls puts students in dynamic and challenging environments, which push them to their limits and encourage them to take the lead, while also working together in groups, thinking critically to overcome problems.