As part of our reading month, and in line with the G.E.S. vision ‘to provide a learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive’, we organised shared reading among students in the Infant and Junior schools.

The students and teachers were keen to participate in this activity because it had been so enjoyable last time. Some classes from Juniors went to the Infants to read and some children from Infants came to the Junior school to read. The children sat together in pairs or small groups and took turns to read from their chosen books, supporting each other to read aloud and understand the texts.

When asked how the shared reading had gone, some students explained:

“I had fun listening to the children read. I helped them by telling them the meaning of words.” Ameena (Year 5MG).

“I liked it because I was reading for little kids.” Yousef (Year 5MF).

 “We did this to improve their reading skills and help them read more.” Haadi (Year 5MG).

“I liked it because when I was reading to them, they were listening very carefully … and also they are very cute.” Tasneem (Year 5MF).

We hope that these shared reading experiences will not only show children how important and rewarding reading is, but that it will also encourage children to read together more often.