As a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), The Gulf English School has shown itself to be a positive and internationally minded school which meets the exacting criteria of these organisations.

We have been an accredited IBO school since 2006 and recently successfully completed our 5 year review. During this process we were visited by representatives of the IBO who visited lessons and interviewed staff, students and parents regarding the Diploma program we run at the school. They visited lessons and reviewed our policies and practice against the stringent criteria that they have for schools to be accredited and allowed to offer the IBO programmes. The visiting team were able to both acknowledge the positive things that occur at the school and make recommendations on how we could improve further. It is vital that any school has both a reflective practise internally but is also willing to listen to the ideas of experienced educational professionals from outside the school in the process of trying to improve.

We became members of CIS in 2009 and then started our first accreditation cycle where the school provided evidence after a self-evaluation reflective process. We were fully accredited in 2012, this involved all areas of the school community and was completed after a five day inspection visit where a visiting team observed lessons, spoke to students, teachers, parents and the Board of the school. Since this visit we have written progress reports in 2014 and another in 2015 and submitted them to CIS to show what improvements we are making based upon the feedback we received from the report that came from the accreditation process.

CIS accreditation lasts for 5 years. The CIS accreditation process is rigorous and looks at all areas of the school. It is an excellent benchmark for quality in schools and we are determined to show that, once again, we have all the qualities needed to be a successful International School. There is a lot of work involved for the school as we move forward but, as ever, we want to challenge ourselves and work with the CIS to ensure that we are doing the very best we can for the students in our care. We hope to share this process with everyone as we move through the accreditation and involve all of the school community with the self-evaluation as much as we can.  This whole experience can only be positive for the school as we gain huge insight into how we can improve and where we stand in comparison to other International Schools all over the world.

We are always looking to ensure that the school is doing everything it can to provide the best possible education for the students it serves. There are always areas that could be improved and The Gulf English School will always try to be the very best it can be. We hope that all of the school community will continue to support our efforts in ensuring that we continue to be members of these esteemed educational bodies.